Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Charter Signs and Mapping

Are charter signs included with libraries?

Yes! When you purchase a library from our store, you select which standard charter sign (silver, bilingual Spanish, or bilingual French) you would like included - free of charge - with your library. You can also choose to customize your charter sign for an additional fee. Your charter sign will be included inside a white stay-flat envelope affixed to the outside of the library shipping box.

Is my library automatically added to the map when I order? How do I get my library on the map?

Your library will not be automatically added to our map upon purchase.  The easiest way to edit your library’s information is to log in to your steward account in the Little Free Library mobile app. Learn how to set up a new steward account here. If you prefer not to set up an account, you can fill out the Add/Update your Library on the World Map form to submit an update.

I already have a registered library, and want to replace it. How do I get a library without a charter sign?

Please select “Existing Steward” on the Charter Sign drop down menu of the library you wish to order.  Since charter signs are included for free with any library purchase, there will not be a discount for ordering one without a charter sign.

Shipping and Tracking

How long does it take to receive my library?

Libraries and posts are typically delivered within 10-15 business days after purchase. A UPS tracking number will be provided via email 2-3 business days after your online purchase. We are not able to accommodate requests for expedited shipping. For those who need expedited shipping, please view our Unfinished Cottage Kit on Amazon here.

How do I track my library and charter sign?

You will receive a UPS tracking number via email 2-3 days after your purchase. If you don’t receive this information, and it isn’t visible in your Spam folder, please reach out to

How do I calculate shipping costs?

Add the items that you wish to purchase to your cart, and click “Checkout”. You will then be prompted to add your shipping address to calculate your shipping rate. You can exit the order process at any time and do not need to enter payment information prior to calculating the shipping cost.


Do libraries come assembled or do I have to build them?

We offer both assembled libraries and kits you can build yourself! All of our libraries come fully assembled unless they have the word “Kit” in the title. A library kit comes unassembled and requires building, but it's cheaper to ship! You can view all of our libraries here.

Do libraries or library kits come with posts included?

Libraries and library kits do not come with posts. We do offer posts available for purchase in addition to the library. You can view our post options here.

Which post goes with which library?

Any library can be paired with any post that we offer.

Will this library work in a (snowy/rainy/hot/humid/dry) environment?

All of our libraries are high-quality, Amish-crafted boxes that should last for years in any environment with proper care. All unfinished libraries should be painted or stained before installation (please paint or stain both the outside AND inside of the library for extra longevity). Once finished, we recommend inspecting your library annually and applying a fresh coat of paint or stain if necessary.

For those interested in a maintenance-free library, any of our composite models should last for decades with little-to-no maintenance required. View them here!

Do you have signs in other languages or bilingual signs?

We currently offer charter signs in English, bilingual Spanish, and bilingual French. If you would like a sign in another language, we recommend adding the desired language to our Custom Charter Sign.

Do you sell replacement parts?

If you purchased a library from us and you would like to order a replacement part, please email a photo of your library to and specify the part that you would like to replace. While we don’t have every replacement part for every single library, we do offer replacement parts for most of our current library models.

Do you offer other colors?

If you want your library in a different color that we do not offer, we recommend purchasing an unfinished library and painting or staining it in that color.

When will ____ be back in stock?

Due to high demand, some library models occasionally need to be taken offline. If you’re interested in a particular library that no longer appears on our store, it usually will be back online in 2-4 weeks. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept pre-payment for offline models.

Returns and Exchanges

How do I change or cancel my order after it’s been placed?

Please view our Order Change Policy for instructions and guidelines for changing or canceling your order.

Can I return my library if I am not fully satisfied?

Please view our Return Policy for more information.


Can I submit a purchase order?

Yes! To submit a purchase order, please fill out this online form. And click here to download Little Free Library's W-9.
How do I get a quote for a bulk order?

To get a quote, please fill out this online form.

Can I get a discount?

Schools and public libraries that buy four or more book exchanges enjoy a 10% discount! If a current promotion offers lower pricing, the lower pricing will prevail. This discount applies to all book exchanges in our online store. It is available to schools and libraries only. Book exchanges must all be one style and ship to a single location. For further information on this discount, please reach out to

When will you have a sale?

The best way to find out about any sales and promotions is to sign up for our email updates!

Who do I contact with questions?

Please email if these FAQs didn't answer your questions!