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What Customers Are Saying About Little Free Libraries

"I have been steadily purchasing Little Libraries since 2014—I've bought 29 to be exact. We have been thrilled with the products and the response from local residents has been incredibly positive! I would highly recommend Little Free Library to anyone looking to purchase a Little Library model—not only because of the craftsmanship and quality of the models available, but because of the great customer service!” - Jenna Severson, Monterey County Free Libraries

 "I never realized how much joy a little book house could bring to a neighborhood!" - Little Free Library Steward Jeanie Lutz

 "My first Library was a lovely gift from my father. This is my first home in Boston and I wanted to build some community in this big and noisy city. On the first day that the Library was up, I met three neighbors! My Library is one way to make a big city feel like a small town." - Little Free Library Steward Laura Grubb

 "Since installing our Little Free Library, we've now met twice as many neighbors than we had in the past year. The Library really does bring communities together. We have had such a sweet response from our neighborhood ... Best gift ever!" - Little Free Library Steward Nicole Fliear