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Purchase Order/Pay by Check Info

Do you represent an organization, school or service group that needs to pay with a purchase order? Or are you an individual who needs to pay by check?

We have a separate online form that you may use to purchase items. Please do not use our online shopping cart. Instead, click here to view the purchase order/pay by check form.

You should use the separate purchase order form if:

  • You represent an organization or group that cannot pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal account
  • You are an individual who cannot pay with a credit or debit card online
  • You need to receive an invoice before you may submit payment
  • You need to upload a purchase order
  • You plan to buy more than 4 Little Library models and would like to discuss a discounted bulk shipping rate

Please click here to view and fill out the purchase order/pay by check form.